Our Industry experience

We aim to successfully help our clients to meet their business challenges. We know that this requires us to havein-depth knowledge and experience in the business sectors in which our operate. Our teams therefore bring together expertise in key segments across agribusiness -- enabling our professionals to bring an informed perspective on market challenges and opportunities from one sector to another and to share best practices and leading thinking. This includes our combination of vast years of audit expertise together with the changing environment in tax matters that affects this industry ranging from changes in VAT to the abolition of income tax relief on agricultural loans.

Our teams have worked for long enough to have witnessed profound regulatory change resulting in unprecedented opportunity in the financial services sector. These changes are include the lingering economic volatility technology-driven disruptions,legislative changes, rising consumer expectations, intense cost and competitive pressure. Our team of industry professionals helps insurers navigate these challenges — and seize the strategic opportunities they represent. We help you find better answers by asking better questions about the most critical aspects of the business. Insurance in Uganda is now picking strength in Uganda and a lot of the middle class is embracing the industry. Very many insurance companies both regional and international are setting up offices in Uganda.

Tourism and hospitality: 
Uganda, known as ‘The Pearl of Africa’, has a tourism sector with several dominant local and international players. While this sector is a substantial source of Ugandan foreign income, it is also vulnerable with regard to prices and perceived risks, such as disease, terrorism and political instability.
With our experience in the sector, enables us to advise numerous players spanning the entire industry value chain. We are adept at providing start up and SME hoteliers, including back packers on their compliance requirements, set up structures, systems advisory and assurance. Not to mention tax!

BRJ’s team has worked with and continues to equip itself with the nascent oil and gas industry in Uganda. With membership of the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, we can help you keep uptodate with energy business issues and trends and provide thought leadership and strong opinions on the sector especially for companies that are just starting up. Our international affiliations enable us to tap into expertise in the oil, gas and energy space as we bring to bear our combined offering in risk advisory and tax solutions to our clients challenges. Many investors are exploring commercial opportunities in mini-hydro, bio digesters and business accelerators to develop synergies within the solar industry.

We have extensive experience, insight and technical support to deliver audit, tax and advisory services in the health sector to enable our clients to meet the unique needs of health care policy-makers, providers and payers.

We have worked with major hospitals and clinics in Uganda in delivering purpose-led, transformative solutions to help them to improve the way they deliver services to their clients as they manage to keep a float in business. We are consistently and continuously enabling our people to do extraordinary things,