Tax training

We offer tax training sessions to clients and prospects on topics such as VAT, National Social Security Fund contributions and Income Tax, Customs Duties among others.  Our sessions are designed to show clients areas of tax compliance that can help their business to avoid unnecessary penalties, but also avenues for minimising tax exposure.  We seek to ensure that tax planning is practical so that clients are able to actually use the advice we have imparted.

Our partner, Mr. Robert Busuulwa has conducted tax training since 2002 in England’s London South Bank University firstly as a visiting lecturer on the business and advanced tax papers of the ACCA.  He has taught tax in numerous countries since then, including Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Zambia, etc.  He has presented a number of tax papers at conferences both in Uganda and overseas including delivering a paper at a big five June 2011 International Tax Conference in South Africa for both East Africa and Zambia.  Robert has lecturered widely in tax in Uganda including at a prestigious Management Accountancy Training (‘MAT’) college since 2006.  He has worked well with the URA on behalf of clients and, if need be, respectfully puts forward challenging tax interpretation of tax statute to the URA, thereby bringing on board both a practitioner and academic aspect to your tax queries.